Where embedded innovations take place

Research & Development

Research & Development

Have a specific idea in mind? We can perform applied research on the subject and help you develop new product or technology. With out-of-the-box thinking we are bringing innovative solutions to our customers.


PCB Design

PCB Design

We have the tools and knowledge to design PCBs no matter how small or big and regardless of its complexity. With the high attention to details and precision we aim for perfection.




If you are working in a technology domain and missing a piece of information to complete the project or task in hand feel free to reach for us. Our experience in a field can be just the thing needed to get things done.


Product Design

We can help you in a journey from idea to finished product, packed and ready to be delivered.

Embedded Systems

Years of experience working with industry top MCU and application processor manufacturers.

Electronic Engineering

This is our specialty. From analog and digital electronics to power electronics - we got you covered.

Firmware Development

All of the embedded systems are specialized in their function which is determined by a program it executes. We have the knowledge to develop the program based on your requirement.


If you are looking for an exotic component that is not widely available we have a wide network of suppliers that can assist in a search.


Our service doesn't stop after development stage. We can move things forward by providing a prototype and execute the initial tests for a product under development.